#FireNYPD for Ramarley Graham

It's been over 5 years since unarmed Ramarley Graham was killed by NYPD in what should have been the safety of his own home. There has been no meaningful discipline of any officers involved. No officers have been firedOfficer Richard Haste, who shot Ramarley and threatened his grandmother at gunpoint, has received close to $30,000 in NYPD raises since killing Ramarley.  

Unarmed Ramarley Graham was only 18 years old when NYPD officers unlawfully busted into his home and killed him - in front of his grandmother and 6 year old brother. NYPD officers engaged in misconduct every step of the way, including:

  • NYPD officers from the Street Narcotics Enforcement Unit unlawfully busted into Ramarley's home - without a warrant and without cause.
  • After shooting Ramarley, Officer Richard Haste threatened his grandmother at gunpoint, preventing her from going to Ramarley's aid as he lay dying.
  • NYPD 47th precinct officers interrogated Ramarley's grandmother for over 7 hours - and refused her access to her attorney, who was at the precinct demanding to see his client.
  • NYPD 47th precinct officers did not notify Ramarley's mother that her son had been shot and killed. When she learned this from Ramarley's grandmother, officers threw Ramarley's mother against a wall and to the floor. 
  • NYPD officers and officials released false statements about the incident, some of which they were forced to retract.  False NYPD statements included the following and suggest a cover-up of the incident:
    • NYPD initially claimed Ramarley was running from officers. The NYPD was forced to retract this false statement after surveillance footage surfaced that clearly showed Ramarley calmly walking to his home. 
    • NYPD initially claimed Ramarley was killed during a struggle with an officer. The NYPD was forced to retract this false statement after another officer on the scene submitted a statement that disputed this false claim. 
  • Ramarley's family was unable to locate Ramarley's body for 4 days after he was killed, reportedly because the city put his body under another name. 

It's been more over 5 years and none of the officers responsible for killing Ramarley or other related misconduct have been fired or meaningfully disciplined. So far, de Blasio & O’Neill have not only allowed officer Richard Haste—who shot & killed Ramarley—to resign rather than fire him, but they’ve also sought to portray closure when two other officers facing NYPD charges have yet to be brought to trial. Ramarley’s family has been fighting for justice for over 5 years. How long will Mayor de Blasio and this city continue to put Ramarley’s family through this?

Why #FireNYPD for Ramarley

The local and federal governments failed Ramarley's family.

  • The Bronx District Attorney secured an indictment of Officer Richard Haste, however the indictment was thrown out by a judge on a technicality. The DA's office failed to secure an indictment in the 2nd grand jury (convened due to mass community pressure).
  • More than four years after Ramarley was killed, the Department of Justice finally notified Ramarley's family in March 2016 that they would not bring federal charges against officers involved. 

The last opportunity for accountability for the killing of Ramarley (and related cover-up and misconduct) is for Mayor de Blasio and Commissioner O'Neill to:

  1. Publicly identify and fully investigate all officers who were involved in the killing of Ramarley, unlawful entry of Ramarley's home, and other misconduct following the incident.
  2. #FireNYPD responsible for killing Ramarley, threatening and abusing his family, engaging in lies and cover-up activities, and related misconduct.