How much longer will Ramarley’s family have to wait for justice?

#FireNYPD for Ramarley Graham


Ramarley Graham was only 18 years old when NYPD officers unlawfully busted into his home and killed him - in front of his grandmother and 6 year old brother. NYPD officers engaged in misconduct every step of the way, including:

  1. Unlawfully busted into Ramarley's home - without a warrant and without cause
  2. Killed Ramarley without cause
  3. Threatened and abused Ramarley's family members after he was killed
  4. Lied and released false statements about the incident, and engaged in activities that suggest a broad cover-up

February 2, 2017 will mark 5 years since Ramarley was killed. To date, none of the officers have been fired and there’s been no meaningful or timely discipline.  

Officer Richard Haste, who shot Ramarley and threatened his grandmother, has remained on the force, receiving over $30,000 in annual pay increases since the year he killed Ramarley.  From January 17-22, Haste finally stood trial in NYPD departmental court (the 1st and only officer of 12+ who has had an NYPD disciplinary trial scheduled).  The decision about whether he will keep his job ultimately rests in the hands of NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill.  Only two other officers – Sgt. Scott Morris and John McLoughlin - are reportedly facing charges, but no NYPD disciplinary trials have been scheduled. 

Mayor de Blasio & Commissioner O’Neill, THE CLOCK IS TICKING. How much longer will Ramarley’s family have to wait for some measure of accountability?  

Take Action with Ramarley’s family to demand de Blasio & O’Neill FIRE Richard Haste, Scott Morris, John McLoughlin and all the officers responsible for Ramarley’s killing and surrounding misconduct and abuse.



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